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Plaza Mayor

The painted facade in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.  © 2011 by Bridget Ehemann

1 thought on “Plaza Mayor”

  1. Hi Bridget! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I’ve been looking at your travel photos and you have a really great eye for composition! I’m subscribing to your blog (thanks for subscribing to mine).

    You might want to take a look at my MAIN blog ( That blog has EVERYTHING—from travel to graphic design to portraits, etc., and includes the same gardening photos as the gardening-only blog you just visited. Since you love travel photography, I thought you might like to see other stuff I’ve shot (other than just flowers). Yes, you’ll see tons of flower and bug shots during prime-time gardening season, but if you look in the archives, you’ll see travel shots and portrait sessions (including weddings) as well. There’s not much I don’t shoot, actually!

    I have a friend who is a flight attendant for United. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll accompany her on her weekend flights to Brussels and we can meet up in person!

    Nice to meet you!


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