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San Marco’s Clock Face

The astrological clock of Piazza San Marco, in Venice, Italy.   © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann

7 thoughts on “San Marco’s Clock Face”

  1. Love the colours, had a look at your other photos too, they are fantastic. I am just getting into photography and notice you are using the Nikon 18-200mm VR II lens (which I am thinking of getting). Can I ask are the photos that you put on your blog colour enhanced or are they straight from the camera? Thanks

    1. thanks! I usually try Auto Enhance in Aperture to see if it improves the images, but usually try not to alter a photo too dramatically. This picture is cropped and color enhanced. If the original colors are really dull, I sometimes get good results using the Toy Camera preset to boost the color, but decreasing the radius to look more natural. The lens is great! I think it is worth the investment and much more handy than carrying several lenses on a trip. Enjoy it and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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