Impressive stained glass surrounds the alter of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Half of the building was under repair during my visit, so I hope to return when it is complete …along with a wide-angle lens and a tripod!   © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann


About Bridget Ehemann

Bridget is a marketing professional from Wisconsin who moved to Europe in 2009 to fulfill her passion for travel. While living in Belgium, she discovered new passions such as Pierre Marcolini chocolates (try a Câlin) and learning fun expressions in different languages. She loves culture, nature and photography and has visited almost 50 countries.
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6 Responses to Sainte-Chapelle

  1. scpworkasx says:

    I love this. A beautiful image of a beautiful chapel – one of my favorite places.

  2. rJ says:

    that is a wonderful picture!

  3. Nice shot! Shooting in a church or a chapel in low light can be tricky, especially when you want to capture the light through the stained glass windows and still portray them as sharp. Could you elaborate on what ISO value and aperture setting you used for this shot?

  4. Deanna Luu says:

    wow really great shot!

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